Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 Signs You Are More of a Gearhead than an Artist

1. When that new issue of Popular Photography arrives, you read it from back to front so you can scan the equipment ads first.

2. You’d rather spend an hour browsing DP Review than browsing Magnum Photos.

3. You spend more time cleaning your equipment than shooting it.

4. You know how to read a MTF Chart.

5. Every year, you purchase two or more cameras plus software and plug-ins and then spend hours reading manuals.

6. You carry a 30+ pound bag along with manuals and a tripod to every outing, even if it’s just up to the grocery store.

7. When you look at photographs from the old masters, you are quick to point out the noticeable grain along with lack of detail and sharpness.

8. You have profiled your screen, printer, camera and scanner and have several exquisite prints of tableware hanging in your office.

9. You carry your camera at all times in a bag where it’s tucked away, snuggled in bubble wrap, against a full set of filters.

10. You dream of a Leica M10 (MX?) that’s married to a Foveon sensor.

In 2011, I will make a conscious effort to be more of an artist than a gearhead. The focus on gear has made my art suffer.


  1. Umm...I fit into 5 and 10. I definitely wont' buy any more new cameras in 2011 (I don't think there will be a M10). I never really dreamed about the M10 + Foveon combo, but it would be a perfect marriage.

  2. Ha, too funny. :) Great job on the blog!!

    Let's hook up some time and do some shooting together again.